About Us

About us

Systems 2000  has been servicing and designing plumbing systems for residential buildings and commercial properties for over 30 years  Founded in 1978, merged into a wealth of experience and skill into a company with a remarkable reputation as a leading plumbing service firm and combined the right ingredients to create an unbeatable force in the field of plumbing.  Systems 2000 is  committed to operating with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and quality results.



  • All Types of Plumbing, & heating Repairs 
  • Plumbing Renovations 
  • Booster and Circulation Pumps 
  • Steam Expansion Joints 
  • Backflow installations and Backflow Testing  
  • Water Chilled Air Conditioning      Systems and Fan Coil units   
  • Spence Valves 
  • Steam Pilot Valves 
  • High Pressure and Low pressure      Steam Systems 
  • Water Purification and Building      Wide water Filtration 
  • Steam Traps   
  • Gas Distribution Piping
  • Annual FDNY Residential      Sprinkler Flow Tests 
  • FDNY Standpipe Tests 
  • Standpipe and Sprinkler Color      Code Certification 
  • Drain Cleaning 

Reliable Service

Systems 2000 Plumbing Service is a full service plumbing company offering fast reliable service. Experienced service technicians are knowledgeable, courteous and possess of the latest technology to facilitate all types of repairs and installations. 

Residential and Commercial Service.